Batting Helmet Size Guide

Finding the right size helmet can be as easy as trying on every helmet in the store and then choosing the most comfortable. For most people, this isn't practical or possible. To properly measure your head for the correct size, use fabric measuring tape to measure around the circumference of your head slightly above your ears.

When you have the batting helmet, it is important to make sure the helmet is snug but not uncomfortably tight. It is also crucial to make sure the helmet is not too big. To test this, put the helmet on and shake your head from side to side quickly; if the helmet moves separately from your head, it is too big. You may need a smaller size helmet or a padding fit kit. A fit kit will make the helmet smaller by adding extra pads to the inside of the helmet. Never purchase a bigger helmet to grow into. Your head does not grow much past the age of 10. The danger of a helmet that is too big is that the helmet will move around on the head and lead to an injury.