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Champro Pro Style Molded Double First Base

Champro Pro Style Molded Double First Base

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The Pro Style molded double first base from Champro features a regulation-size white base for fielders and a bright orange regulation size outside base for baserunners to reduce collisions and provide safety on the base path. The base is made with a tough pebble embossed top that is UV-resistant and prevents metal spikes from slipping. Pillar construction provides vertical stability and horizontal flexibility that can withstand repeated impact from players. A steel double anchor system is included for installing in the ground as well as rubber base plugs for when the base is removed.


  • 30” x 15” x 3”
  • Orange/white all-rubber construction
  • Tough pebble embossed, UV-resistant top
  • Pillar construction
  • Steel double anchor system & rubber base plugs included
  • B004
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