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Dugout Tango Baseball TB71

Dugout Tango Baseball TB71

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Tango baseball practice ball is our highly praised and patented product using a molded fibre embedded PU cover (Polyhide) that is waterproof and offers enhance durability. It meets the standard baseball specs and is approved by Little League as practice ball. It is suitable for all age groups TB71 for your practice ball.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased performance - Minimal Compression loss (no more than 20%) and COR loss (no more than 1.5%).
  • Added durability - More than 300% durable compared to traditional balls.
  • Everlasting tacky grip:   Molded cover builds in and retains tackiness throughout the ball lifespan in play.
  • Moisture management - Molded cover mitigates decreased durability and eliminates weight gain due to moisture. Weather proof.
  • Increased Consistency - Seams, Cover, Weight and Grip.
  • Increased Lifespan – Holds up exceedingly longer than comparable traditional baseball with ability to wipe clean after each use and machine-wash.
  • Permanent Imprinted Stitches and Ball Stampings.
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