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Easton Elite-X Intermediate Catchers Set

Easton Elite-X Intermediate Catchers Set

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Easton’s all-new Elite X catcher’s gear takes fit and performance to a whole new level. Designed for the elite-level adult catcher, the Easton Elite X Adult Baseball Catcher’s set is one of the most comfortable and secure fitting choices when it comes to catcher’s gear on the market today.  The Box Set includes a helmet, chest protector and leg guards and is available in a wide array of color combinations, perfect for matching with your team’s colors. Recommended for ages 15 and up.

Catcher’s Helmet– Constructed of a matte solid ABS plastic shell with strategic airflow vents, features a black steel cage design with a flat middle bar, increasing the player’s visibility behind the plate. The internal plush padding is wrapped with breathable air mesh and BioDri™ moisture control fabric on the forehead, aiding in comfort and helping to prevent wear and tear during the season. The ergonomic chin cup design provides a better fit and allows for improved player communication, and the forehead and chin pads are removable and washable. The Elite X™ helmet features an extra wide rear top strap for secure locked-in adjustment for a better fit and meets the NOCSAE™ standard for all levels of play.

Chest Protector– Features stacked memory foam in the ab area, providing improved rebound control so blocked balls stay close to help prevent runners from advancing. The Easton Elite X Adult Chest Protector is constructed with a heavy-duty black coated steel inset waist clip, an adjustable shoulder cap, and a 4-point webbing strap system with a comfortable neoprene back organizer, providing players with a securely wrapped fit and easy adjustability. The adult chest protector is measured at 17 inches from the top of the sternum to the waist.

Leg Guards– The wide-set knee design provides a larger surface area in the blocking position and allows for more explosive side-to-side movements. The reinforced knee and thigh connection provides a more secure fit when moving in and out of the catcher’s squat. Equipped with a vented shell design to increase airflow and breathability, and removable inner knee and shin pads that can be adjusted for better fit and player comfort. Measured from the middle of the knee to the anklebone, these leg guards are measured at 16.5 inches. Exclusive to the adult and intermediate models, the toe extension piece is designed to hang down across the foot to protect the toe from errant pitches or help in the blocking position.

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