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Easton Universal Jaw Guard Black

Easton Universal Jaw Guard Black

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Easton’s Universal Jaw Guard is a market first with protection, regardless of which side of the plate you choose to bat. Fitting on all current Easton Baseball Helmets regardless of size, the Universal Jaw Guard can be mounted on either the left side or right side of the helmet in three simple steps. The Universal Jaw Guard comes in a variety of colors, and is packaged with color-matching hardware for a seamless look with your helmet. Internal padding on the Universal Jaw Guard provides additional protection when you need it. When mounted on the Pro X, Elite X, Z5™, Z5 2.0™, Alpha, Gametime and Cyclone helmets, the Helmet and Jaw Guard combo are fully certified to the NOCSAE standard.


  • Certified As: Certified as a full helmet model, only when mounted on Pro X, Elite X, Z5 2.0, Z5, Gametime and Alpha Helmets
  • Sport: Baseball/Softball
  • Usage: Helmets

*Helmet not included*

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