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Rawlings Encore Glove

Rawlings Encore Glove

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RAWLINGS ENCORE 11.25''and 12.25″ GLOVE

  • The Rawlings Encore 12.25 Inch Baseball Glove is crafted with a quality black and white leather for a unique look.
  • Inventive web construction and deep pocket design allow fingers to close around the web, keeping the shape of pocket intact.
  • The deep pocket and extended base design of the web are ideal for infielders to field the ball cleanly while protecting your hand against hard line drives and throws.


  • Leather shell construction for outstanding durability
  • Combination of white and black leather, gold trim for an outstanding look
  • Web and deeper pocket design allows fingers to close around the web
  • The extended base design for added palm protection and sting reduction
  • The glove is crafted to promote easy closure while maintaining the shape of the glove
  • Adjustable pull lace wrist closure provides a custom secure fit and feel
  • Size: 12.25″
  • Web Pattern: Pro I web
  • Back: Open


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